Juli’s Lifting Classes

We are excited to announce a new course offering here at CrossFit Jai.  Juli Bauer, from PaleOMG, will now be hosting women’s lifting seminars at the gym.  Check the calendar for dates.

The first class will be held on June 30th from 12pm-2pm.  She will be giving advice, teaching lift progressions, and helping you to get over the hump with your olympic lifts (clean and jerk, snatch).  She is an excellent instructor who has an uncanny ability to help lifters of all levels.  Her progressions are easy to follow and will help you to become a more efficient olympic lifter.  Sorry guys, the classes are exclusively for women at this time.  If that changes in the future we will let you know 🙂  The goal of the course is to create an encouraging environment that allows women of all skill levels to feel comfortable and learn something new about complex movements.

The tuition for the course is $50 and the class size is limited to 12 people per session.  We want the sessions to be small so as to guarantee a lot of 1 on 1 attention.  We are starting with just the lifting classes but have thoughts of possibly putting on Paleo/Paleo cooking seminars as well.  With your input, we will be able to tailor future class offerings to your needs.

Registration:  You can register for the class by going to the calendar link above and finding the class listing for “Juli Bauer’s Lifting Seminar”.  Once you click on the class, you will be prompted to enter your personal and payment information.

*You do NOT have to be a CF Jai member to participate in these classes.*